Campus Security

This is the webpage of the Campus Security of Gauhati University. The security of the university campus is controlled by the administration under the advice of an advisory body (Security Advisory Committee), which provides the guidelines for overall campus security and suggest the overall framework for the security plan for the university.

Overall Security Plan

The security arrangement for the university campus is two tier. The internal securty i.e. various departments, offices, and hostels are covered by our inhouse security staff (comprises of the Security Officer, Chowkidars, and Havildars). The blanket security of the campus i.e. the gates to the campus and to different department and offices are covered through Professional Security Guards.

GU Vehicle Pass

In order to enter the campus, you need to have a GU Vehicle Pass, or you are subject to interception at the gates. The GU Vehicle Pass is a self-adhesive, round sticker, which you put in your vehicle. We expect everybody to co-operate with the security staff in this regard. 

Only members of the GU Community are eligible for getting a GU Vehicle Pass.

Contact Numbers

In case of any security related matters, you can contact any one of the following persons